My Mental Fuckery Blog: Get a Grip!!


Maybe I should say MF blog…..but the F-bomb is my fav cuss word.
I’m starting this while at work….while have a minute…so I’ll bounce back n forth like a tennis ball—–kinda like what happens in my head. No, in my head it’s a teacup ride that’s spins like a cocaine filled bastard! You know, like those teacup rides at Disney? Yea…..I totally have a brain that enjoys this ride a bit too much…..spiraling and spiraling thoughts & images I can’t fkn keep up with. It’s insane…..but that’s mental fuckery for ya?
Ok, so I mentioned last night I’ve had a school issue eating away at my body parts….slowly, one fkn limb at a time. I’m actually typing this with my tongue, nothing else works (Jk).
Wednesday was a very rough day for me. I had a major panic attk that left me crippled and my depression left me feeling lifeless……but I managed to get through (with drugs of course).
It’s Thursday morning and my hubby is fretting about the house packing up the rest of his stuff for his 6 week out of state military thing. I’m sad, but I stayed strong in front of him. We said our goodbyes and I left for school…..crying, exhausted, feeling nauseous from the day before. Mental illness is a bitch!!
So I get to school and rest my head on the desk. I hear a student walk in, she said something about her having a respiratory infection…..and I told her I wasn’t feeling well either. She knows about my anxiety disorder and told her I had a bad one yesterday, plus I was nauseous and that my hubby had left for his 6 week military thing. As I said this tears again started to fill my eyes. So I laid my head back down. Than this classmate says….”you really need to fuckin mediate or something”…..I looked at her kinda bewildered she said it so rudely knowing I myself just wasn’t feeling well. So I kindly told the bitch……Classmate (not mentioning real names here) we’ve had this discussion before, but I’ll remind you anyway (thinking fuck….this bitch must be as mentally fucked up as me or just simply a rude & stupid bitch) that I’ve tried meditation, yoga, breathing techniques and they don’t work for me. I laid my head back down, most of the other students were now in the class as well. Classmate says “we need to spray these tables down”…..There were 2 of them with contagious infections. So I hear her start spraying, gets to me and says “pick your head up so I can spray”…..I looked at her with my tired eyes and said, you realize my head and hands have already been contaminated (so it’s a doomed situation for me any way you fkn idiot……said that in my head of course). She yells out…..not speaks or gently talks….but fkn yells, standing right in front of me….”Stacey you really need to fuckin meditate”…..okay bitch you have my attention now as I hissed at her with my broken eyes. I said….Classmate what part of that whole message I’ve told you not only today but in the past that you don’t understand?????? I don’t feel good and you need to stop this!” Classmate, still standing in front of me, now shits out this “We are all sick of your fkn antics”……I get foggy brained due to my thyroid disease and prolly all my mental fuckery’s. So I didn’t know what that meant….antics….I feel my heart getting faster…..fuck!!! Go away GOOO AWAYYY….me in my head telling my mental fuckery’s to back off a minute. So I pretend to know what that means and I say to her….What antics….I don’t have any antics!
Than this other student who just started a month ago says “yes you do” in a tone that made me turn around and ripped her gawd damn tongue out and shoved it down the other classmates mouth to shut her up…..ok that didn’t happen…..I just totally ignored the new girls way of trying to get more accepted into a twat bundling society of the classmates lil club of young girls that followed her everywhere. Yes this is a woman in her mid thirties who hangs out with the 18, 19 and a 20 year old. This is also the classmate that I believe on my 1st or 2nd day that I had started that college…..”Oh stay away from them girls on that side of the class. They are a bunch of snobby ass bitches and ain’t worth shit. I think I should have put that in quotes, but fk it. So from the get-go this classmate has been a very judgmental person. Anyway…..back to me and my “antics”……The whole class has heard her verbally abusing me, belittling me…….and that’s when I just wanted to run….run and find a fuckin hole to hide in. She starting saying a few more things, but at this point it’s been mentally blocked, and some of it is just a blur now. But I felt like everyone was talking or whispering shit about me behind my back. I felt nervous, scared, and holy shit we have a test today, I forgot to give my fur babies fresh water, I need to text my instructor, is my hubby doing okay……..yea that’s when my mental fuckery was having a nice ass party in my head.
I was verbally harassed and felt alone. I stuck it out through school…..and thank goodness it was an open book test. Yes I spoke to my instructor about it cuz she found me in the lab and knew I’d been crying my eyes out.
It was a horrible day……And I’m scared as fuck to go back to class on Monday. She’s afraid of spiders and I have no fear of them…..maybe I should put a fkn spider in her purse. That would be amusing and worth going to school for on Monday ?
Later that day when I was home, all that shit was just eating at me. I was miserable…..teacups once again having a fun ride. Than I decided to learn what “antics” means in the dictionary. Oh your gonna love this! I was like a crazy fkn ballet dancer yelling loudly in my house I DO HAVE ANTICS…..I AM AN ANTIC…..A proud mentally fucked up antic LOL. So I decided to text her the meaning of that word she used upon me in class……and than immediately blocked her so she couldn’t text me back ?
Oh before I show you the text I sent her…..In class she was also yelling about how I need to quit being upset every time my hubby leaves for a military order. “Our husbands leave all the time and they are gone longer and you don’t fuckin see us upset about it”…..I looked at her disgustingly and said….”This is only the 2nd time he’s had to go, so I’m not use to it or immune or heartless about him being gone”.
Ok so here’s the texts at the bottom of this long ass blog.
After sending that text I felt good, than guilty as fuck. Did I stoop to her level? No….cuz she’s a fkn bully, a piece of shit bully!!!! Hate them assholes!!!
But my mental fuckery has been playing lots of games that I frankly don’t appreciate. Toodles ??
(Side note: had a hard time getting the text pics on here)




My Mental Fuckerys:

Behind most of my smiles is a bunch of mental fuckery’s……Yep that’s what I’m calling my inner beauty…..Hmmmm….I like that….Strange though…..I see me physically, as I look in a mirror, and I’m like WOW you totally look like shit…..But thank gawd for your beautiful inner fuckery.
I want to start a blog…..apparently I’m starting it here since I haven’t a fkn clue how to go about doing it any other way. (Side note….This was an old blog I did on Face Book before getting here)
I won’t be offended if you unfriend me…..But maybe you as well have some kind of mental fuckery and just may be intrigued of the kind of whacky shit that I spill out.
So my hubby & I talked about me finding a shrink (why do we even call them shrinks anyway? It’s as if we’re saying, well fuck….I’m totally depressed and have chronic anxiety issues, so I better find a fkn midget to magically wave his tiny lil wand and fix me)…..(maybe midget isn’t appropriate, dwarf I suppose?)…..So tonight I told James, I googled psychiatrists and had no fkn clue how to pick one….I mean seriously….okay this guy has 4 stars and he’s 72 years old. Hmmmmm…..great experience, but I’d probably give the old fart a heart attack by venting my mental fuckery to him. So I move on…..and my anxiety is getting worse by the second as I’m plundering through this Google maze of WTF. James is like “just pick one”, as he’s telling me this on the phone this evening….I’m like how the hell do you do that?!?!? I have a hard enough time picking clothes out for what I’m going to wear for the day, let alone picking up the phone to actually talk to someone…..even if it’s to just make an appointment. There must be a name for that kind of phobia… telephobia? I dunno……but I had to stop looking about 10 minutes into the Google search.
Well that’s all I have for tonight…..
I think tomorrow I need to unleash the fuckery that happened to me in class yesterday….been eating at me. I won’t be mentioning any names….I’ll just make them up I suppose……but it’s shit like this that makes me suffer from insomnia.
Ugh…..story of my mental fuckery life!

Toodles ??

Oh….one last thing….Ummm….never mind….need to feed Mama & Papa….my teddy bear hamsters ?